FreeCAD: Display settings of parts (color, material, transparency and so on)

Update: July 25, 2017
FreeCAD 0.17

This article explains how to set display settings of parts. Parts's color, material and transparency can be changed in display settings.

pipe-default Default display settings
pipe-chrome Part's material is set to Chrome
pipe-default Part's transparency is set to 70%
  1. Select a part in model tree and click [Appearance...] on context menu to show "Display properties" dialog.

    context-Appearance Selects [Appearance...]
    Display-properties "Display properties" dialog
  2. Viewing mode can be change in "Viewing mode" area. "Flat Lines (defalut)", "Shaded", "Wireframe" or "Points" can be selected.

    pipe-default Flat Lines
    pipe-Shaded Shaded
    pipe-Wireframe Wireframe
    pipe-Points Points (the points size was set to 10)
  3. Part's material can be changed with a combo box in "Material" area. There are a few dozens materials such as chrome, plastic, stone etc...

    pipe-chrome chrome
    pipe-plastic plastic
    pipe-stone stone

    Custom material can be made. Click a [...] button next to the material combo box to show "Material properties" dialog and make your custom material.

    Material-properties "Material properties" dialog

    Shape color can be change with "Shape color" button and line color can be change with "Line color" button.

  4. Part's transparency, point size and line width can be changed in "Display" area.

    pipe-transparency-70 Part's transparency is set to 70%
    pipe-line1-point1 Point size and line width are set to 1
    pipe-line5-point10 Point size is set to 10 and line width is set to 5
  5. Click Close button to close "Display properties" dialog.

  6. And display properties except material also can be change in View tab of Combo View.

    View tab View tab