FreeCAD: Creating a complex shape by connecting the cross-sections (Loft)

Update: January 7, 2019
FreeCAD 0.17
  1. Start FreeCAD and create new documentNew document icon.

  2. Select [View]-[Workbench]-[Sketcher] menu-item to switch to Sketcher workbenchSketcher workbench.

  3. Create 3 sketches perpendicular to the Z-axis as shown in the following figure. In case of creating multiple sketches, select the document in model tree and create a sketch. Please refer to "How to create solid from sketched shape" for sketch drawing.

    Sketches Sketches
  4. Select [View]-[Workbench]-[Part] menu-item to switch to Part workbenchPart workbench.

  5. Select "Loft"Part_Loft from toolbar and set all sketches to target of the loft operation in Combo View. Sketches will be connected according to the order of this setting. In this example, we will connect sketches in the order of "Sketch→Sketch001→Sketch002".

    Loft dialog Loft dialog
  6. Click OK to connect sketches and create a loft shape.

    Loft result Loft result

Note: If cross-sections that have created in Draft workbench are not displayed as targets of loft operation, these cross-sections may be faces. To use as loft target, shapes should be veteices or wires. So you need to convert these faces to wire by using "Downgrade"Draft_Downgrade in Draft workbench(Combobox on toolbar).