FreeCAD: How to create a solid from a sketch by rotation extruding?

FreeCAD 0.19
  1. Create new documentNew Document icon and switch workbench to Part Design workbenchPart workbench.

  2. Select New SketchSketcher_NewSketch in toolbar and select XY plane as sketch plane on the dialog. Click OK to create a new sketch plane.

    Create Sketch
    Creates sketch plane
  3. Select PolylineSketcher_CreatePolyline in toolbar and draw a "H" shape on the sketch plane as shown in the following figure.

    Create Circle
    Draws sketch
  4. Select two end points and select Coincident constraintConstraint_PointOnPoint in toolbar to connnect the lines.

    Create Circle2
    Applies Coincident constraint to the end points
  5. Select each segment of line and apply constraints as shown in following figure. In this operation, we use Horizonal constraintConstraint_Horizontal, Vertical constraintConstraint_Vertical, Vertical Distance constraintConstraint_VerticalDistance, Horizontal Distance constraintConstraint_HorizontalDistance, Equal Length constraintConstraint_EqualLength and other constraints.

    Create Circle3
    Apply constraints to the sketch
  6. Click Close on Task tab to exit sketch editing mode.

  7. Select the created sketch model tree and execute RevolutionPartDesign_Pad to execute rotation extruding. Enter angle of rotation on the dialog and click OK.

    Revolution dialog

    Rotation axis can be selected from followings.

    • Sketch plane's Horizonal axis
    • Sketch plane's Vertical axis
    • 3d coordinate-system's X axis
    • 3d coordinate-system's Y axis
    • 3d coordinate-system's Z axis
    • Construction line in the sketch (select by click on 3D view)
    • Edge of exisiting shape (select by click on 3D view)

    Revolution operation results are as follows.

    Rotates 360 degree
    Rotates 230 degree