FreeCAD: How to hollow out a solid?

Update: January 7, 2019
FreeCAD 0.17
  1. Click [File]-[New] in menu bar. Create new document and a solid.

    Thickness1 Creates a solid
  2. Switch workbench to Part workbenchPart workbench.

  3. Select a face of solid in 3D view. Select "Thickness"Part_Thickness to display a parameter settings dialog.

    Thickness-Tasks Thickness dialog

    The solid is hollowed out and the selected face is opened.

    Thickness2 Thickness3
  4. The thickness of wall can be specified at "Thickness" in the dialog.

    Thickness3 Thickness: 1.0
    Thickness4 Thickness: 5.0
  5. Junction type of walls can be switched by changing the type to [Intersection] at "Join type" in the dialog.

    Thickness3 Join type: Arc
    Thickness5 Join type: Intersection
  6. After parameter settings, click OK to execute the hollowing out operation.

Note: You can also hollow out a solid with multiple selecting faces.

Thickness6 Thickness7