FreeCAD: Inserting a measurement

FreeCAD 0.19

You can insert a measurement to a 3D view by following steps.

  1. Execute a measurement toolview-measurement.

  2. Select 2 points on a 3D view to insert a measurement of the 2 points.

  3. Select the inserted measurement in model tree and adjust character color, size and other properties at View tab on Combo View.


    You can change following properties.

    • Dist Factor: A value that defines a distance between measurement position and measurement display position.
    • Font Size: Character size
    • Line Color: Line color
    • Mirror: Whether to invert the display direction
    • Text Color: Text color
    • Visiblity: Whether to display or not

If you want to delete a measurement, select the measurement in model tree and press Delete key.