Flow around an elliptic column with the kkl-ω model

OpenFOAM 4.x

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We calculate the flow around an elliptic column from 0 sec to 1 sec. We use the kkl-ω model for the turbulence model.

The fluid flows in from the region "inlet" at (3.1, 0, 0) m/s and out from the region "outlet". The upper and lower channel walls, region "up", are assumed to be symmetric, and the elliptic column surface, region "hole", is assumed to be a no-slip wall.

Model geometry Model geometry

The meshes are as follows, and the number of mesh is 50000.

Mesh Meshes

The calculation result is as follows.

Flow velocity (U)
Flow velocity at final time (U) Flow velocity at final time (U)
Pressure at final time (p) Pressure at final time (p)


cp -r $FOAM_TUTORIALS/incompressible/pimpleFoam/elipsekkLOmega elipsekkLOmega
cd elipsekkLOmega

transformPoints -scale '(1.6666 1 1)'

changeDictionary -instance system -dict system/changeDictionaryDict.X
mirrorMesh -overwrite

changeDictionary -instance system -dict system/changeDictionaryDict.Y
mirrorMesh -overwrite

createPatch -overwrite



The entire mesh is created by using mirrorMesh to make a mirror copy of the 1/4 model for the X and Y planes.

Calculation time

2 hours 52 minutes 57.9 seconds. *Single, Inter(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40GHz