Output flow rate and average value in specified region

You can output the flow rate in the specified region by following steps.

  1. Select "Region" tab on "Output" page.
  2. In "Region", select the region where you want to measure the flow rate, and in "Type", select "Flow rate".
  3. Push Set button to make an output-setting.
    Region tab on Output page
    "Region" tab on "Output" page
  4. If you delete the setting, push × at upper-rigt corner of the setting (blue rectangle).

The average value and integral value of the variable in the specified region can be output in the same steps. Select Average or Integral in "Type", and select the variable you want to output in "Physical quantity" that will be displayed after selecting the type.

The data will be output as a text file such as the followings in the postProcessing directory in the OpenFOAM case directory.

# Region type : patch Outlet
# Faces  :    712
# Area   :    2.003280e+02
# Time        	sum(phi)
1             	2.555360e+03
2             	2.555174e+03
3             	2.553933e+03
4             	2.572104e+03
5             	2.553510e+03
6             	2.556699e+03
7             	2.557721e+03
8             	2.556941e+03
9             	2.554023e+03
10            	2.553151e+03
11            	2.554691e+03