FreeCAD: How to execute a boolean operation between solids?

Update: January 7, 2019
FreeCAD 0.17
  1. Start FreeCAD and create new documentnew document icon.

  2. Select [View]-[Workbench]-[Part] in menu bar to switch to Part workbenchPart workbench.

  3. Click BoxPart_Box and CylinderPart_Cylinder to create solids.

    Boolean-Parts Creates 2 solids
  4. Click BooleansPart_Booleans, then Boolean Operation dialog will be opened at Task tab in Combo View.

    Boolean-Task Boolean Operation dialog
  5. Select a type of operation at [Boolean Operation], Box at [First Shape] and Cylinder at [Second Shape]. Click Apply to execute the boolean operation.

    Operation results are shown below.

    Union Union
    Difference Difference
    Difference Intersection
    Difference Section
  6. Click Close to finish Boolean Operation dialog.

Note: Executed boolean operation can be canceled. Select the operation result part in model tree and click [Delete] in right click menu to cancel operation.