FreeCAD: How to create a solid from meshes?

Update: January 19, 2019
FreeCAD 0.17

In this section, I will explain how to create a solid from meses (polygon) that were read from STL file. With converting meshes to a solid, you can do boolean operations to the geometry that was defined by mesh.

MeshToSolid2 Result of bo0lean operation with a solid that is created from mesh
  1. Drag&Drop STL file into 3D view to import geomety. Meshes must not have the hole (manifold).

    StanfordBunny4000 Mesh data
  2. Switch workbench to Part workbenchPart workbench.

  3. Select the imported meshes on model tree and execute [Part]-[Create shape from mesh...] in menu.

  4. A dialog for setting mesh stitching threshold is shown. Adjust the value according to the mesh size and click OK.

    MeshSewingTolerance Mesh stitching threshold settings
  5. By the stitching process, you can get a set of shells.

    StanfordBunny4000-shells Shell set
  6. Select the set of shells on model tree and execute the shape builderPart_Shapebuilder.

  7. Select [Solid from shell] on the shape builder dialog.

    Switch to model tab and select shell set in model tree. After that, switch to task tab and click Create to create a solid.

    CreateShape-Tasks Shape builder dialog

    When solid has been created, click Close to finish the dialog.

  8. You can do boolean operation with the created solids as with normal solid.