FreeCAD: Change unit system on importing DXF file

Update: May 30, 2021
FreeCAD 0.19

When importing a shape created with other CAD into FreeCAD, sometime it may not be imported in correct size. This is because the unit system (such as inch unit system or metric unit system) in the file is different from the unit system used in FreeCAD.

If the imported file is a DXF format file, you can automatically scale the shape during import to avoid this problem. For example, if the unit system in the DXF file is inch and the unit system used in FreeCAD is millimeter, the shape can be converted into millimeters. To enable this function, set following settings.

  1. Select [Edit]-[Preferences...] menu to open を選択し、Preferences dialog.

  2. In Preferences dialog, type "25.4" (because 1 inch = 25.4 mm) at "Scale factor to apply to imported files" on "DXF" tab of "Import-Export" panel.

    Fig. Type '25.4' at 'Scale factor to apply to imported files'
    Type "25.4" at "Scale factor to apply to imported files"
  3. Click Apply button to apply the settings

By the settings, when importing a shape from a DXF file, the dimensions are automatically converted to 25.4 times and imported in millimeter units.