FreeCAD: Changing unit system

FreeCAD 0.19
  1. Select [Edit]-[Preferences...] in menu bar to open Preferences dialog.

  2. In the dialog, select [Unit] tab in [General] panel and set a unit system by [Unit system].

    You can select one of following unit systems.

    • Standard (mm/kg/s/degree):Default
    • MKS (m/kg/s/degree)
    • US cutomary (in/lb)
    • Imperial decimal (in/lb)
    • Building Euro (cm/m2/m3)
    • Building US (ft-in/sqrt/cuft)
    • Metric small parts & CNC (mm, mm/min)
    • Imperial for Civil Eng (ft, ft/sec)
    • FEM (mm, N, s)
  3. Set the number of decimal places at [Number of decimals].

  4. Click Apply to apply settings.

Change unit system
Units settings