FreeCAD: Coping and arranging shapes in a grid

Update: January 7, 2019
FreeCAD 0.17

In this article, we explain how to copy and arrange 3D shapes in a grid. You can create shapes as follow with this function.

Sample 1 Sample 2
  1. Select menu's [File]-[New] in menu to create a new document. And create solid to be copied.

    PolarArray1 Solid for copy
  2. Switch workbench to Draft workbenchDraft workbench.

  3. Select the created solid for copy in model tree and execute ArrayDraft_Array.

  4. Select "Array" in model tree to set Array parameters. You can set Array Type, rotation, number of copies and other paramers on Data tab in lower side of Combo view.

    Combo View Combo View
  5. In this example, we set parameters as follow to make 100 copies and arrange them in a grid.

    • Array Type: ortho
    • Interval X: [25.00 0.00 0.00]
    • Interval Y: [0.00 25.00 0.00]
    • Interval Z: [0.00 0.00 0.00]
    • Number X: 10
    • Number Y: 10
    • Number Z: 1
  6. Shapes become as follow after coping.

    OrthoArray2 Result of coping & arranging in a grid