FreeCAD: Copying and arranging in a circle

Update: January 7, 2019
FreeCAD 0.17

This article explains how to copy a solid and arrange in acircle. It is possible to create shapes as shown in the following figures.

Sample 1 Sample 2
  1. Click [File]-[New] in menu bar and create new document. Then create a solid that is used as source.

    PolarArray1 Solid that is used as source shape
  2. Switch to Draft workbenchドラフトワークベンチ.

  3. Select source shape in model tree and execute Array toolDraft_Array.

  4. Select "Array" newly created in the model tree. And change the property values like array type, axis for a circle arrangement, number of copies etc... in Data tab in Combo View.

    Combo View Combo View
  5. In this example, we set only following parameters and create 12 copies of the solid and arrange them in a circle.

    • Array Type: Polar
    • Number Polar: 12
  6. Shapes become as shown in the following figure after copy operation is finished.

    ArrayPolar3 Result of polar array operation