FreeCAD: Creating 2D orthographic drawing from 3D shapes

FreeCAD 0.17
The drawing workbench described this article has been deprecated since version 0.17. Use the newly added Tech Draw Workbench (Please see "FreeCAD: Creating 2D drawings from a 3D shape").

In this article, we explain how to create orthographic drawing from 3D shapes.

  1. After cretating your 3D shape, switch workbench to Drawing workbenchDrawing workbench.

    Drawing2_ModelExample of 3D shape
  2. Create 2D drawing page with new A3 landscape drawingDrawing_Landscape_A3.

  3. Select your 3D shape on model tree and click orthoviewsDrawing-orthoviews to insert the shape to a page.

  4. In default, only a view is shown on page. It is viewed from X-axis direction and the right-hand direction is Y-axis direction. Check each check-box of "Secondary Views" on Combo view to display a view of a corresponding angle.

  5. Size, position and other properties of a view can be edit from "General" tab on lower side of Combo view.

    Properties that you can edit in "General" tab are following.

    • Auto scale / position: Auto set for size and position of a view
    • Scale: Size of a view
    • Top left x / y: Top left coordinate of entire views
    • Spacing dx / dy: Spacing size between views
    • Show Hidden: Whether or not to display hidden lines
    • Show Smooth: Whether or not to display boudary lines of curved surface
  6. Click OK to exit creating orthographic drawing.