FreeCAD: How to customize a toolbar?

Update: February 26, 2017
FreeCAD 0.17

If you use different workbench's tools, you must switch the workbenches frequently. But you can customize a toolbar and work in a single workbench.

In this article, we will add some Part workbenchPart workbench's tools to Part Design workbenchPartDesign workbench.

CustomToolbar6 Example of adding Part workbench's tools to Part Design workbench
  1. Switch a workbench to Part Design workbenchPartDesign workbench and select [Tool]-[Customize...] in menu.

  2. Select [Toolbars] tab in Customize dialog.

  3. Click New... to create a new toolbar. Set "MyToolbar" as name of the toolbar in this example. You can change the name with Rename... and delete the toolbar with Delete.

  4. Select "Part" from a combo box on left side. Select a tool that you want to add from list and click button to add the tool to the new toolbar. You can delete the tool with button and change a order of tools with / button.

  5. Add some tools. In this example, we add ThicknessPart_Thickness, SweepPart_Sweep, LoftPart_Loft because they are frequently used with Part Design workbenchPartDesign workbench's tool.

  6. Click Close to close dialog. The selected tool can be used in Part Design workbenchPart Design workbench.