FreeCAD: How to customize a toolbar?

FreeCAD 0.19

If you use different workbench's tools, you must switch the workbenches frequently. But you can customize a toolbar and work in a single workbench.

In this article, we will add some Part workbenchPart workbench's tools to Part Design workbenchPartDesign workbench.

Example of adding Part workbench's tools to Part Design workbench
  1. Switch a workbench to Part Design workbenchPartDesign workbench and select [Tools]-[Customize...] in menu.

  2. Select [Toolbars] tab in Customize dialog.

  3. Click New... to create a new toolbar. Set "MyToolbar" as name of the toolbar in this example. You can change the name with Rename... and delete the toolbar with Delete.

  4. Select "Part" from a combo box on left side. Select a tool that you want to add from list and click button to add the tool to the new toolbar. You can delete the tool with button and change a order of tools with / button.

  5. Add some tools. In this example, we add CubePart_Box, CylinderPart_Cylinder, SpherePart_Sphere.

  6. Click Close to close dialog. The selected tool can be used in Part Design workbenchPart Design workbench.