FreeCAD: How to cut a solid with a plane?

FreeCAD 0.19

In this article, I will explain how to cut a 3D shape with a plane. With this function, You can cut any 3D shape with a plane.

  1. Create or import a shape to be cut with a plane.

    Fig. The shape to be cut
    The shape to be cut
  2. Switch workbench to Draft workbenchDraft workbench to use a tool for cutting.

  3. Draw rectangleDraft_Rectangle and upgradeDraft_Upgrade it to make face.

    Fig. Makes cut plane
    Makes cut plane
  4. If you want to adjust a position or direction of the plane, It is poosible to edit them with [Placement]-[Angle] or [Placement]-[Position] in data property of the plane.

  5. Switch workbench to Part workbenchPart workbench to cut the shape.

  6. Double click a solid on 3D view to select it.

  7. Then click the cut plane with Ctrl key to select it.

  8. Select Slice ApartPart_SliceApart to cut the shape.

    Fig. Slice Apart tool (toolbar)
    Slice Apart tool (toolbar)
    Fig. Slice Apart result (3D view)
    Slice Apart result (3D view)

    Each cut result shape will be placed at group ("Exploded Slice" as follow) in model tree.

    Fig. Screen shot for model tree before cutting
    Model tree before cutting
    Fig. Screen shot for model tree after cutting
    Model tree after cutting
  9. After cutting, the cutting plane are connecting each other. You can check the cutting plane by moving a part. To move a part, right-click the part on model tree and select "Transform" (cf. "How to copy, move and rotate a object?").

    Fig. Moves one part by Transform
    Moves one part by "Transform"
    Fig. Moves one part (3D view)
    Moves one part (3D view)