FreeCAD: Tutorial Smartphone Cover (3/3)

FreeCAD 0.21

Creating camera hole

We creat a cutout so as not to block the flash and camera.

Kelvinsong http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:IPhone_5S_main_camera.png
  1. >Creating a sketch plane

    Select a bottom face of the solid and create a new sketch planeSketcher_NewSketch.

    Selects a bottom face
    Creates a sketch plane
  2. Extracting construction lines

    Select the external geometry toolSketcher_External and click edges of a solid to extract the edges into sketch plane.

    Extracting construction lines

    After extracting the edges, select the solid "Pocket" in model tree and push Space key to set the solid invisible.

    <figcaption>Hides the solid (Model tree)
    Hides the solid (Model tree)
    Hides the solid
    Hides the solid
  3. Rough sketch

    Create camera hole with slotSketcher_CreateSlot.

    Creates camera hole
  4. Setting sizes

    Constarint the slot with horizonal distance constraintConstraint_HorizontalDistance, vertical distance constraintConstraint_VerticalDistance and radius constraintConstraint_Radius. The poosition can be determine with the construction lines.

    Sets size of camera hole
  5. Creating a shape

    Select the sketch in model tree and execute PocketPartDesign_Pocket.

    Before pocket
    Pocket result

Creating fillets

  1. Select edges of cutout on sides of the case and create filletsPartDesign_Fillet with the radius 2 mm.
  2. Select edges of retainer and create filletsPartDesign_Fillet with the radius 0.5 mm.

You can select multiple edges by clicking while holding down the Ctrl key.

Before creating fillets
Crateing fillet result


All works has been done. Now we get the 3D model of a Smartphone cover!

Created Smartphone cover shape


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  4. Case Design Guidlines for Apple Devices(PDF)
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