FreeCAD: Tutorial Mug (1/3)

Update: March 29, 2021
FreeCAD 0.19


What we will create?: Mug


Mouse operation

mouse_select_CAD mouse_pan_CAD mouse_zoom_CAD mouse_rotate_CAD or mouse_rotate_CAD2

Note: FreeCAD has other modes like Inventor mode, Blender mode and touchpad mode. Please refer to "FreeCAD: Mouse operation setting".

Creating a basic solid

  1. Creating a new document

    Start FreeCAD and create new documentcreate new document icon.

  2. Creating a sketch plane

    Switch workbench to Part Design workbenchWorkbench_PartDesign.

    create a new sketch planecreate new sketch plane icon and select XY-Plane in the dialog. Click OK to create sketch plane.

    New sketch plane dialog
    "New sketch plane" dialog
  3. Drawing a sketch of cup part

    Select circleCreates circle icon and click 2 point on sketch plane to draw a circle. Right click to finish circle drawing.

    Drawing a circle
    Drawing a circle

    Click the circle and select radius constraintradius constraint. On displayed dialog, set 40 mm to constrain the radius.

    Radius constraint
    Radius constraint

    Select a center of the circle and a sketch origin. And select coincident constraintCoincident constraint icon to match the center of the circle with the sketch origin.

    Constrains a center of the circle

    The sketch will be fully contained and be displayed with green lines. Then click Close on Task tab to finish sketch edit. The viewpoint may change to 3D mode, so select zoom allzoom all icon to adjust the viewpoint.

    Finishes sketch edit
    Finishes sketch edit
  4. Extrusion

    Select the created sketch in model tree and execute padpad icon. On a dialog, set 95 mm as extrusion length and click OK.

    Pad dialog
    Pad dialog
    Results of pad
    Pad result
  5. Hollowing the solid

    Click a top face of the created solid and select thickness toolthickness tool icon. On a dialog, set 4 mm as thickness and click OK.

    Thickness dialog
    Thickness dialog
    Selecting a face
    Selecting a face
    Hollowing result
    Hollowing result
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